Convert TroopMaster to SqlLite

Troopmaster to SqlLite (tm2sqllite) is a Windows command line executable that converts Troopmaster data into a sqlLite database.

tm2sqllite is part of the Troopmaster project.


tm2sqllite is packaged as a WinZip file that can be download and then extracted to a directory on your computer.


  • Click here to download tm2sqllite.
  • Save the WinZip file to a location on your hard drive
  • Double-Click on the downloaded to open it
  • Copy the tm2sqllite folder inside the zip file to a location on your hard drive.


To run tm2sqllite:

  • Open a command prompt.
  • Change to the directory that contains the tm2sqllite.exe (example: cd c:\tm2sqllite).
  • run the command: tm2sqllite.

If no arguments are given tm2sqllite will look in TroopMaster’s default location of %SystemDrive%:\Troopmaster Software\TM4\DATA for the TroopMaster data and create a SqlLite database named tmsqllite.db.

If you run the command twice you’ll get an error that tmsqllite.db already exists. You can either set the -o argument to give the output database a new name or  use the -f option if you want to replace the already existing tmsqllite.db

To get the list of arguments at the command prompt type: tm2sqllite.exe -?

Usage: tm2sqllite.exe [-i troopMasterDataDirectory] [-o outputFileName] [-f forceOverWrite]
-i : Directory that contains the TroopMaster data files. Default is %SystemDrive%:\Troopmaster Software\TM4\DATA.
-o : Name of SqlLite database to create. Default is tmsqllite.db.
-f : Will create a new SqlLite database even if one already exits at the -o location.

SqlLite Browser

To View the database I recommend sqllite browser which can be downloaded from:

More Info

For the latest information on tm2sqlLite please visit the Troopmaster project wiki.

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